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Death Wish Coffee

Nothing breaks your business like a free Super Bowl ad.

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Death Wish Coffee

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March 2016

That's just super.

Winning a free Super Bowl ad might sound like a dream come true, but every opportunity to grow creates complications with replenishment, fulfillment, forecasting, and inventory control. Getting orders out the door becomes hard enough. Doing so profitably is even harder. 

After airing, more than 150,000 visitors hit Death Wish Coffee’s website. Sales that Super Bowl Sunday were reportedly 20 to 25 times higher than what they were on an average Sunday.

The Ad

one 30-second spot

167 million viewers

$5 million in free exposure

Enter Skubana

After weeks of drowning in orders, the Head of Operations googled “Shopify inventory management” and came across an “operations platform company” called Skubana.  He got on the phone with the CEO and for the first time spoke with a person who knew how to solve his problems. The founder ran his own direct-to-consumer business and understood the nightmare he was experiencing for the past several weeks. Better yet, he had spent the past several years building a platform to solve those problems.

Trusting the person he spoke to on the phone and the software he had only glimpsed through screenshares, he took a leap of faith and moved his business to Skubana. Because of that, they saw an accurate inventory count for the first time. 

Because of that, they could prevent overselling. 

Because of that, the angry customer calls stopped.

Because of that, the team was able to focus on promotions, adding new products, integrating channels, creating a podcast, and more.

Until one day, they were selling on eight channels instead of two. 

Even as things became more and more complex, one thing didn’t happen.

Overselling. Never again. Not once.

by the numbers


Sales Channels


months since overselling


average orders per day


The price for growth is strained operations, particularly replenishment. While we’re sleeping, Skubana is crunching large volumes of moving data in real time, and always calculates the right quantity at the right time. It automates half our operations and accurately informs the rest. Now that we’ve integrated Skubana, we’ve yet to oversell one single item.

Dustin Alexander, Logistics Manager

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